The Shetland Times: Nocturne

". . . a treat . . . like a Tuvan throat singer in places . . . an awesome sound . . . there were moments when hairs on the back of the neck tingled with delight"

The Scostman: Nocturne

"...the concert’s true highlight, the understated but tremendously effective Nocturne by Scottish composer Martin Suckling, piquant with spicy microtones, heavily perfumed, and given a spellbinding, assured performance, under appropriately dimmed lights, by Morton and Lawrance. Beguiling stuff."

The Times: Psalm

". . . absorbing . . . has an aura that lingers after the final bars."

Herald Scotland: Nocturne

"...a brief, finely-crafted piece in which lines unwind in sinewy unison until the violin drifts off as if in a dream."

The Guardian: Six Speechless Songs

"The 32-year-old Glaswegian writes with an astonishingly clear hand. He cuts to the point, illuminates contrast like a chiaroscuro painting and doesn't hide behind clutter."