There are world premieres that are over in a trice, leaving hardly any impact and there are others that leave a lasting impression for either good or bad reasons. Some of Martin Suckling’s shorter works fall into the former category but his new piano concerto - commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra - lies in the latter.

Thirty minutes of Suckling atonalism, abrasive textures and sometimes incomprehensible rhythmic construction is too much to contend with, but in this work he deftly mixes this with many moments of sheer beauty.

It was an unusual choice to kick off the SCO’s St Andrews season, but in no way a disappointing one.

The fourth movement Intermezzo was something else to savour, but he showed his other side with some extremely complicated rhythmic passages and discordant phrasing.

Mind you, some of these were surprisingly exciting, particularly an exacting exchange between piano - Tom Poster’s command of the keyboard was exemplary - and the wind section in the third movement.

Suckling’s on to a winner with this work for that there is no doubt.
— Garry Fraser